6 Finishes to Choose from – Tendy Collection

Tendy Collection modern classic chairs

Modern? Retro? How about perfect. Some things just can’t be improved, that’s why this classic design is always in style. Wood. Steel. Stacking.

Take a seat. Actually, take four.

Available in black, cherry, natural, walnut, wenge and white. Tendy Side Chairs in walnut are paired with our brand new Erling Bistro Table in the photo. Also available in bar and counter height.

Calais and Dabney


Calais and Dabney know the secret to a long relationship.  They have been together for many years and are inseparable…for a lot of reasons.

# 1:  Their lives began in the same workshop

#2:   Both designed by the famous furniture maker Ludie Row.

#3:   Their wood is from the same Beech tree and stained with the same walnut stain.

#4:   They fit together perfectly; Dabney’s three legs are strong and masculine and his top is smooth and straight; Calais has slim ladies legs and a soft comfortable upholstered body.

#5:   On the couple’s 20th anniversary Dabney said to his wife:

“Calais, I love you honey with all my heart, and I want us always to be together and never part.”

#6:  And Calais responded:

“You always know what to say, just talking to you makes my day.”

See what I mean?

Carlotta and Leonardo

04368TPE Sinue-B Bar_05008TAN Carlotta Armv2

Carlotta and Leonardo were waiting for customers to visit the store on a very quiet afternoon; happily there were not many days like this.

“Leonardo, you’re really witty and know a lot of jokes, tell me one – I’m really bored…”

“Okay, why did the piece of gum cross the road?

“I don’t know.”

“Because it was stuck to the chicken’s foot!”

“That’s good Leonardo, but I’m still bored.”

“Okay, it’s not because the joke isn’t funny but you’re tired of your upholstery color.”

There was silence in the room, then Carlotta said “I think you’re right…I have been sitting in this room for years, in the same outfit!”  I need to go shopping, life is too short to wear boring clothes!”  And so, Carlotta went shopping, and bought three new outfits, one in gray, one in white and one in tan.  That afternoon Carlotta moved a little closer to Leonardo and with a big happy smile said; “Thank you Leonardo, we know money can’t buy happiness – that’s what shopping’s for.”

05008TAN_CarlottaLounge_Tan_00 05007wht_carlottalounge_white_04 05007TPE_CarlottaLounge_TaupeLeatherette_00 05007TPE_CarlottaLounge_TaupeLeatherette_1





The Gilbert Collection

Bungie J-Arm_Gilbert

The Gilbert family did not start out so well. They had a problem from the beginning…maybe it was because they were so good looking; their sleek white or black surfaces caused heads to turn wherever they went. And they were complete – a bookshelf, a file cabinet and a desk…who could ask for anything more.

But all was not perfect; in school, they were very pushy; when it was time to wash their hands before lunch they would shove other kids out of the way to be at the sink first; in class, they would shout the answers before it was their turn, and at snack time they would gobble up their own and then grab snacks from the other kids. No one wanted to play with them or sit next to them and would run away when they saw them coming.

Fortunately, one day, the teacher called the principal and said;

“The Gilberts are out of control, you need to talk to them.” A short time later, they were called into the Principal’s office.

“Gilbert children, we need to talk!”

When they were quiet, the Principal said: “How would you feel if the other children pushed ahead of you in line, answered questions when it wasn’t their turn, and worst of all, ate your snacks?”

The Gilberts looked at each other and after a few seconds said in unison:

“We really wouldn’t like it!”

Okay then,” the Principal said, “Stop doing it to others”!

And the very next day, when the Gilbert kids came to school, they were careful about their behavior, and respectful to the other children.”  

And because of that not only were they beautiful looking but absolutely so popular it was difficult for the furniture stores to keep them in stock. And all because they learned the simple rule that if you are nice to others, others will be nice to you.

Max and Astrid


We’ve all heard how happy Max has been being able to choose the color of his outfits – a quick unzip and then a zip up and he is set for the day. And we also know that Astrid is very social and loves living in the dining room, where she is the center of attention.  Her first marriage to Dax was happy in the beginning even though she had to agree to share the spotlight with him.  But, we know that after a time – things can change.  Astrid found some of Dax’s habits very irritating like falling asleep while watching her favorite movies, not using his napkin to wipe his chin, and worst of all, interrupting her in the middle of one of her stories when she had the attention of everyone at the table.  So, one day, Astrid said:

“Dax, it’s over.”

“What’s over?”

“Our relationship.”

And that was it, the moving van arrived the next day, and Dax disappeared shortly thereafter.

For a while Astrid enjoyed her freedom until the day she saw her old friend Max sitting near a really unattractive table. What caught her eye was his beautiful new gray suit. That was it – it’s been a couple of months and they are still together.

Who knows this one might last, or…

Draco and Hydra

32590_80036 Hydra 05095GRY Draco 2 Chairs

I’m Draco; and even though I’m a tough guy, I have always felt that Lady Luck is sitting on my shoulder. Let me tell you why.

My Italian parents, living in Rome, gave me and my brothers the name Draco which means dragon, and everyone knows that dragons are really dangerous creatures. However, one of my best friends growing up was the Greek dragon, Hydra who according to the myth, was killed by Hercules. But don’t believe everything you read, because here’s an example of where that Lady Luck part came into play.

Hydra’s parents, as a safety measure, made certain that he always wore a thick piece of glass as a protective shield, instead of a cap like the other kids. And, as everyone knows, you can see through glass.

So, when the incredibly powerful Hercules attempted to slay my friend, Hydra looked up through the glass and saw Hercules with his sword raised. Then, just seconds before the sword came down, Hydra took a giant breath and breathed a flame so strong that Hercules was frightened for the first time in his life and took a huge step back and up, never to be seen again.

And, even more important, here I am – Draco, as strong and handsome as ever, sitting with my brothers and our good dragon friends Hydra with Glass.

Have I made my point?

Ville and Oliver


Ville was French and when he was born, his parents named him Ville, meaning “city”, but he knew that in the Middle Ages the name meant “farm”. What a dilemma, was he a city boy or a country boy? One day, sitting quietly, pondering his identity he noticed a small table sitting next to him. “What’s your name?” he asked.
“Oliver,” the small table replied, “what’s yours?” Ville started to cry. I don’t know who I am, my name is Ville which means city, but long ago it meant farm. So, who am I, a city boy or a country boy? Oliver broke into a big smile “Oh, that’s easy, I can tell we’re going to be really good friends. My name means olive tree, so of course you’re a country boy. Ville broke into a big smile, “You know what Oliver, you’ve solved my identity crisis, will you move closer to me, I finally have a real friend!”

Odina and Z Deluxe


When Odina was thirteen years old she found out that her name meant warrior. How could her parents give her a name like that when she could not even imagine what it would be like to fight in a war!  Being very sweet natured, she did not bring up her disappointment to her parents; I will show them by my actions, she thought, and that is what she did.
As a teen-ager, Odina began volunteering at the local Abandoned Furniture Shelter – a place where unwanted furniture was dropped off. She would glide between the aisles of office desks reassuring them in her soft voice that they were still useful, and that one day soon someone would come and take them home. One day, on her rounds, she heard someone crying gently. Sliding backwards, she came to a desk built in a Z-shape, with a very slender powder coated dark frame and clear glass tops. She stopped and turned to face the slender desk.
“Why are you crying”? She asked….
“Because nobody wants me – I’m a strong “he man” Z-desk but everyone says I look too delicate for a man – Desks for men are supposed to have massive-oversized frames – they think I’m a weakling!”
“I think you are beautiful, strong but graceful and refined – I have seen a lot of desks – but you’re the one for me,” Odina said, “I’ll be back after work – to pick you up.” She did; and they lived happily ever after.

Elodie and Hasina



Elodie loved her name, derived from a saint, but was unhappy because she was so tall. Tall was not considered a positive attribute for a girl. Hasina, Elodies roommate also loved her name as it meant beautiful. But like Elodie, she was not happy about being so tall. Then one day two tall people walked into the store where they both lived; “Darling,” said the pretty woman, “look at”…she hesitated, as she looked at the tag…“Elodie, finally something that is tall enough for me!” “Look over here,” said the handsome man she was with, “Hasina, tall enough for me! Let’s take them both,” they said as they walked to the cash register. Needless to say, both Elodie and Hasina lived happily ever after.

Rhaxma and Montana


Upon entering the showroom, Rhaxma immediately noticed Montana Round Table and knew they were meant to be together.

“Who are you?” Montana asked. “You look very new.”

“I’m Rhaxma,” she said, happy to be conversing with him. “Can I sit near you? I think we make the perfect set!”

“I disagree,” Montana replied. “Unlike you, my family has a long history. You might say we are ‘high society’. We don’t really associate with newbies, that is, chairs who have no established social background.”

Rhaxma felt sad and sat quietly.

“So, said Montana, “why don’t you just move on, since…” he stopped in mid-sentence as a group of buyers entered the showroom. They were wearing badges that said “STOCKLEY’S FURNITURE MART”.

“Oh my,” whispered Montana, “Stockley’s is the biggest furniture chain in the US, and the buyers are coming over to see us.”

The head buyer, Charles, put one hand on Rhaxma’s back, the other on Montana’s top, and said to the group, “This is precisely what I’ve been talking about! We need to put together sets just like this so people can visualize their dining rooms perfectly. I want to place an order right now! Let’s see, we have 187 stores, plus we want to warehouse this….hmmm. What do you think Sally?” he asked a pretty blonde woman in the group.

“I think at least a thousand sets,” she replied. “They’ll sell like hotcakes!” Charles looked for a salesperson to place the order, while Montana whispered to Rhaxma, “Please stay, I was wrong, and I apologize.”

Rhaxma smiled and simply said, “I knew we were meant for each other.”