Cabrio and Sy

Cabrio Dining Table + Sy Side Chair

When Cabrio was born – his entire family was upset  because no one could see his legs – how was he ever going to be a success in the family table business – who ever heard of a table who couldn’t stand up. There was lots of discussion and ideas tossed around of what to do with this family freak – put him out for adoption? Abandon him in front of a used furniture store?

One day, when he was almost a year old, the family was sitting around discussing the situation as usual when Cabrio  appeared at the door fully upright!

OMG they all said – he can stand, and he is beautiful! “Of course,” he said, “I am the new breed of table with transparent legs – haven’t you heard, this is the coming thing!  Hearing him say that Sy chair, known for his sincerity, said “you’re gorgeous – can my sisters and I sit around you?  Natrually, Cabrio replied, I am honored – of all the chairs in the world – I would choose you to be next to me forever; and they are.

Danish Design

The Danish modern style is making a comeback today. This mid-20th century style adds simple and clean lines to any decor with a minimalistic touch. Teak wood is the material of choice; they are gently bent after a steaming process.
Euro style has brought its own version of Danish modern, Erling Side Chair, adding a twist of Marcel Breuer’s cantilever base.