Rhaxma and Montana


As Rhaxma entered the show room the first thing she saw was Montana Round Table and knew they were meant to be together.  “Who are you?” he said, “you look very new.”  “I’m Rhaxma, can I sit near you, I think we make a perfect set!” “Not really,” Montana replied, “my family has a long history, you might say we are “high society”. We don’t really associate with newbies, that is, chairs who have no established social background,” Rhaxma felt a little sad and was quiet. “So, said Montana, “why don’t you just move on, since…” he stopped in the middle of his sentence as a group of buyers entered the showroom. They had badges that said “STOCKLEY’S FURNITURE MART”. “OMG!” whispered Montana, “they are the biggest furniture chain in the US, and they are coming over to see us.”

The head buyer, Charles, put his hand on the top of Rhaxma’s back and said to the group, “This is precisely what I have been talking about! What we need to do – put together sets, just like this! So people can visualize their dining rooms perfectly. I want to place an order – let’s see, we have 187 stores, plus we want to warehouse this….hmmmmm. What do you think Sally,” he said to a pretty blonde woman in the group. “I think at least a thousand sets, they will sell like hotcakes!” she replied.

Charles looked around for a sales person…and Montana whispered to Rhaxma: “Please stay, I was wrong and I apologize…” Rhaxma said “I knew we were meant for each other and smiled



Brielle and Tad Counter Friends


Brielle and Tad were friends and the most popular pair in the Table and Chair Shop until one day when Tony, the Store Manager Table announced “Hey, everyone, we’re getting in a new counter Table and Chair and they are rumored to be the hottest pair around.” Tad began to tremble and moved closer to Brielle, “Did you hear that”, he said. “We sure don’t need any competition, it’s hard enough being most popular of our group with our old timers…who needs someone new and exciting. We have to figure out a way to get them out of here, like seeing if they have a police record or maybe publish some unflattering photos, maybe say they are counterfeit copies of my cousins….”

“Wait a minute, Tad”, Brielle interrupted him, “remember when we were kids in Sunday School, and we learned; Be mean and it will backfire, be nice and you will be rewarded…”

“Do you really believe that?” “Nothing to lose by trying it…” Brielle said.

In Tad’s welcoming speech, he told the new pair how much fun it was to welcome people especially when they’re winners!

The very next day, the shop owner called a meeting of the entire shop.

“I would like everyone to know that beginning today, I am appointing Tad, Head Table Manager, not only because he is so good looking but because he is so nice.”

Brielle moved a little closer to Tad and whispered, “I told you so.”

Claudius Dining and Side Chairs


As a young man, Claudius Table became obsessed with the meaning of his name. He knew the Roman derivation meant “lame.” But that certainly didn’t apply to him, because he was sturdy and strong and had even heard people exclaim about how beautiful he was. So, he thought, maybe he had been named after King Claudius from Hamlet. However, that Claudius had murdered his brother to marry his sister-in-law and become King of Denmark — definitely nothing to be proud of there. So Claudius Table decided to begin psychotherapy. After years of weekly meetings with his therapist, he had an epiphany upon learning that there were chairs that had been specifically designed to sit next to him and were named – yes, you guessed it — Claudius Chairs. From that moment on, Claudius Table never again thought about his name but simply enjoyed being someone who brought a lot to the table while hanging around with his namesake chairs.

Cabrio and Sy

Cabrio Dining Table + Sy Side Chair

When Cabrio was born – his entire family was upset  because no one could see his legs – how was he ever going to be a success in the family table business – who ever heard of a table who couldn’t stand up. There was lots of discussion and ideas tossed around of what to do with this family freak – put him out for adoption? Abandon him in front of a used furniture store?

One day, when he was almost a year old, the family was sitting around discussing the situation as usual when Cabrio  appeared at the door fully upright!

OMG they all said – he can stand, and he is beautiful! “Of course,” he said, “I am the new breed of table with transparent legs – haven’t you heard, this is the coming thing!  Hearing him say that Sy chair, known for his sincerity, said “you’re gorgeous – can my sisters and I sit around you?  Natrually, Cabrio replied, I am honored – of all the chairs in the world – I would choose you to be next to me forever; and they are.

Danish Design

The Danish modern style is making a comeback today. This mid-20th century style adds simple and clean lines to any decor with a minimalistic touch. Teak wood is the material of choice; they are gently bent after a steaming process.
Euro style has brought its own version of Danish modern, Erling Side Chair, adding a twist of Marcel Breuer’s cantilever base.