Water Map Sink by Julia Kononenko


A wooden three-dimension basin representing the streets of central part of London. London map choice being a tribute to the fact that it was England where first industrial products had appeared back in the XVIII century. Use a topographic map as a basin where the water flows through the ducts resembling the river channels.


Source: kononenkoid.com

Catherine (the great) Coffee and Side Tables and Shyam Sofa Bed

Catherine Tables + Shyam Sofa Bed

A Bit of a Scandal

When the coffee and side tables heard they had been named Catherine they protested and argued that they weren’t Russian, weren’t great and did not have illegitimate sons. That is until the day they were sent to India, and placed in an elegant living room in front of and at the sides of the Shyam sofa, and then the rumors became true. Shyam was married and had many sons.

It was love at first sight (it did not matter that he was already married), they moved so close to Shyam, people could not actually sit down on him. Soon, Shyam divorced his wife, which caused the Catherine tables to cool off a little and move a short distance away. Now people can enjoy sitting down, placing their books and snacks on the Catherine tables and relax comfortably with Shyam, reading or watching TV; the kind of happy ending to a story everyone likes to hear.


Deodat Dining Table Zad Side Chairs Lennox Shelving Unit

You know what they say: NOTHING’S PERFECT! But we believe that Deodat and Zad have a perfect marriage! First of all, Deodat has no legs – normally that would be a sad event – but not for Deodat! He has a large round base exactly in the middle of his perfectly oval top. The base is huge and strong and the best part is that the eight guests sitting around Deodat enjoying their “Gourmet” meal can stretch out, kick and swing their legs because Deodat just sits comfortably happy with no legs and doesn’t interfere in any way.

Now, about the Marriage: Deodat is married to Zad; she is a soft, comfortable upholstered dining chair who does not have any legs either. They fit together perfectly – forming what so many people would love but do not have…The Perfect Marriage!

Interior Decor Trends – Graphic Black and White

Is the home decorating following fashion trends? We spotted a lot of black and white fashion on the runway – Proenza Schouler and Chanel to name a few.

When spotting trends on spring 2014 runways, Harper’s Bazaar found  black and white in sharp geometric shapes that took the simple color combination  to another level. Designers like Stella McCartney, Proenza Schouler, and Chanel  had inspired takes on the palette, and the look cGraphic Black and White Rooman make a strong impression at  home. Michael Formica and Bob Hiemstra’s Palm Beach apartment’s black-and-white  aesthetic is especially pronounced in the living room’s two seating areas. In  one, sofa and chairs designed by Formica and a vintage cocktail table by Pierre  Cardin define the space. In the other, geometric Ettore Sottsass vases rest on a  milk-glass-and-stainless-steel cocktail table. “Color just wasn’t an option for  us,” says Formica. “The water and the sky here are so blue, and the trees are so  green that you just can’t compete.”

Read more: Spring Fashion 2014 at Home: Graphic Black and White – ELLE DECOR

Everybody wants a perfect office

Collette Desk + Napoleon High Back Office Chair

An office chair named Napoleon! A desk named Collette and a cabinet named after Cabriolet. So there you have it. Napoleon is strong, soon to be crowned Emperor of all Office Chairs! While married to Joséphine, he had an affaire with the well-known courtesan, Collette…who is remembered by her quote: what a delight it is to make friends with someone you have despised!

So…the perfect home office: a chair who is an Emperor, clever enough that while married to beautiful Joséphine, was able to carry on an affair with the infamous Collette, while keeping his fortune in his Cabrio.

Everyone wants a perfect home office where they can be with famous people all day.

Who doesn’t?

Thank you for visiting us in High Point

Luciana Lounge Lennox Shelving Yakov Desk Amiens Table Oswald Chairs

Thank you for your recent visit to our showroom; we’re very excited about being able to share with you the new all wood collections and our in-store gallery program, SweetLoft Living by Eurø Style.

To revisit our new collections, please download Auditions/Recent Arrivals Catalog.

This catalog includes new never-been-seen products that were shown in High Point. They were very well received and you’ll immediately see why.

Also included in the catalog are “Recent Arrivals”. This includes products introduced and ordered since our 2013 catalog came out earlier this year. These items are in production and either in stock now or soon to be in stock.

To access the catalog, please visit www.gotoeurostyle.com and click on “what’s new” OR log into “my account” page and see both the catalog and price lists.

If you have any questions, please contact our account executives in the San Rafael office at 415-455-8000.

Scandinavian Design is Back!

When I was a kid in the fifties we had what everyone called Scandinavian or Danish Modern Furniture in our home and in the homes of my Grandparents, Cousins, Aunts and Uncles. Danish Modern incorporated solid wood frames with lacquer or oiled finishes often with hand-woven seats, made from one continuous piece of cord. By the time I married in the seventies I only wanted Italian Design, characterized by sleek, sharp, injection-molded, fiberglass-reinforced plastic designs; chairs were sturdy, stackable and lightweight, or strong steel frames wrapped in European leather. And so, Italian Design has endured; until now.

At Eurø Style we are always a step ahead and know what’s coming; introducing the Montana Collection in High Point in October. We think Scandinavian Design is coming back in style.

Montana Table + Chairs

Design Trend – Clearly Stylish Furniture

It’s such a relief when a choice is so totally clear. Clean and simple, the pieces bounce the light on the edges without blocking the view.

Lighten up with Lucite, crystal and glass. Clear objects take up very little visual space, which is a great benefit to those of us living in tight quarters. Try a small crystal chandelier, Lucite chairs or a glass-top.

But the real appeal of clear furniture is not its transparency. It’s the quality that bounces light and the object is outlined in light instead of solid lines. It is a formula for happiness.

ghost chairs

Vanity Arm Chair

Titi Side Chair

Chloe Side Chairs

Source: http://www.houzz.com/clear-chairs