Celia Clothing and Coat Rack

Celia Coat Rack_Lifestyle

When Celia was just a little girl she knew that “coat” rack was the wrong name for her and her five sisters. What if it is hot, she thought, would we have to wear a coat? And that’s how she got into politics. Just because they were girls, should not mean they had no say about what people called them. She had no trouble raising her campaign funds and no problem with lots of speaking engagements where, with her charisma she was able to convince the world that Celia and her sisters would from now on be allowed to call themselves Celia Coat and Clothing Rack. No discrimination allowed here.

Manon and Dirk


The Manon Family has finally overcome the tragedy of their ancestry and is actually proud that the world knows them thanks to the 19th century composer, Jules Massenet who wrote the famous opera about their great, great aunt Manon who met a tragic end. But it was so long ago, they no longer feel embarrassed, but proud that they are now known by the world and are in demand. Further – it is fortunate that they are a big family because as soon as one Manon reaches full growth – he is snatched up and copies cannot be made fast enough. The Original Manon Desk and Sideboard were bought by a retired chairman of the board and placed in a posh penthouse office with Dirk Armless Low Back Office Chair – a perfect match since Dirk’s name means a type of dagger. So Dirk sits calmly next to the Manon brothers protecting them from being snatched away and copied by strangers with no rights to the Manon Family Legacy.

Astrid & Dax


Astrid is very social; she loves entertaining and insists on living only in the dining room where she can be the center of attention. She chooses colorful dishes, centerpieces and placemats – the perfect accent for her smooth satin finish.  But there was a problem, Astrid couldn’t keep any of the chairs selected to sit around her. After a few weeks they would sneak out of the room whenever Astrid would take a nap.  Then one day, Dax appeared wearing a soft fabric suit over foam. Astrid could feel her heart begin to beat strongly and knew immediately what it was about Dax that made her so excited!  It was his color that exuded his passion, his strong masculine energy.Dax awakened Astrid’s life force and she knew they would be together forever and ever.

Cabrio and Sy

Cabrio Dining Table + Sy Side Chair

When Cabrio was born – his entire family was upset  because no one could see his legs – how was he ever going to be a success in the family table business – who ever heard of a table who couldn’t stand up. There was lots of discussion and ideas tossed around of what to do with this family freak – put him out for adoption? Abandon him in front of a used furniture store?

One day, when he was almost a year old, the family was sitting around discussing the situation as usual when Cabrio  appeared at the door fully upright!

OMG they all said – he can stand, and he is beautiful! “Of course,” he said, “I am the new breed of table with transparent legs – haven’t you heard, this is the coming thing!  Hearing him say that Sy chair, known for his sincerity, said “you’re gorgeous – can my sisters and I sit around you?  Natrually, Cabrio replied, I am honored – of all the chairs in the world – I would choose you to be next to me forever; and they are.

Montana Table and Chairs

Montana Dining Table + Chairs

When we hear Montana we think untamed, wild, natural – in Spanish the word means mountain, so you can imagine how hard it was for the Montana Table and Chair parents to teach their kids how to behave properly; to have good posture and be strong when people want to sit; and to stay still and easy to clean when people want to eat. Now that the kids are grown and are popular best sellers, the senior Montanas feel proud and happy they did such a good job.

Manon and Yoland


Yoland, short for Yolanda, was slender, with slim, rounded pale wooden legs, a beautiful curved shape with soft, comfortable upholstery. Many years ago her ancestors in Greece had been rulers; she knew her great, great grandmother had been an Empress. Maybe because of her background, she had very elegant taste, and loved Italian Opera. The problem was that all the other girls she met, liked pop music and had unrefined taste in finishes, fabrics and woods. Then one warm summer morning, Yoland awoke looking at slim gently rounded pale wooden legs very much like her own; under a matt finish white table top.

“You’re so elegant,” Yoland exclaimed, “what is your name?” “Manon Oval Dining Table,” she replied, and this is my brother Manon Sideboard.”
“OMG!” exclaimed Yoland, Manon is my absolutely, hands-down favorite opera. Will you be my friends, I think we were made for each other. And so, like a happy fairytale, they lived together happily forever after.

Ville and Oliver

Ville Lounge Chair + Oliver Side Table

Ville was French and when he was born, his parents named him Ville, meaning “city”, but he knew that in the Middle Ages the name meant “farm”. What a dilemma, was he a city boy or a country boy? One day, sitting quietly, pondering his identity he noticed a small table sitting next to him. “What’s your name?” he asked.

“Oliver,” the small table replied, “what’s yours?” Ville started to cry. I don’t know who I am, my name is Ville which means city, but long ago it meant farm. So, who am I, a city boy or a country boy. Oliver broke into a big smile “Oh, that’s easy, I can tell we’re going to be really good friends. My name means olive tree, so of course you’re a country boy. Ville broke into a big smile, “You know what Oliver, you’ve solved my identity crisis, will you move closer to me, I finally have a real friend!”

Elodie and Hasina

Elodie-B Bar Table + Hasina-B Barstool

Elodie  loved her name, derived from a saint, but was unhappy because she was so tall. Tall was not considered a positive attribute for a girl. Hasina, Elodie’s room mate, also loved her name as it meant beautiful. But like Elodie, she was not happy about being so tall. Then one day two tall people walked into the store where they both lived. “Darling,” said the pretty woman, “look at”…she hesitated, as she looked at the tag…”Elodie, finally something that is tall enough for me!” “Look over here,” said the handsome man she was with, “Hasina, tall enough for me! Let’s take them both,” they said as they walked to the cash register. Needless to say, both Elodie and Hasina lived happily ever after.

Four Jaleh Sisters and their friend Collette

Collette Desk + Jaleh Office Chair

The unusual quadruplet babies born to an Iranian couple were all given the same name; Jaleh. They looked so much alike no one could tell them apart until their Mother noticed that each one liked a different color; so they became Jaleh Red, Jaleh Black, Jaleh Gray and Jaleh White. As they grew up they lived up to the meaning of their name, friendship, affection and love.

One day the Jaleh sisters met a girl who also knew the meaning of her name; Collette, focusing on business and achievement, neglecting her private life and relationships, even though successful she was not happy and felt lonely. Just what Collette needed. They became instant friends and now, always sit side by side.

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Wave Chairs + Deodat Dining Table

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