Luciana – Life with the Right Lounge


Because of Luciana’s perfect body, that is, the right curves in the right places, she lives a great life. Her upholsterer fell in love with her and covered her body with beautiful fabric, free of charge. Her frame maker created a lovely curved base that rocks so softly and gently that when friends visit they tend to drift off, dreaming of marshmallow clouds and beautiful birds flying above.  And then there is;

Life with the Wrong Lounge:

The fact is, other lounges simply can’t compete with Luciana; their curves are in the wrong places, and their bases bump and thump. And when friends finally do visit, they instantly jump up, making excuses like: “OMG, I forgot to turn off the lights at home,” or, “I need to pick up the kids at school and I’m late.” Then, to make matters even worse, they write no-star reviews on Amazon.

Life is so much simpler — and more relaxing — when you live with Luciana – the “right” lounge.

Brielle and Tad Counter Friends


Brielle and Tad were friends and the most popular pair in the Table and Chair Shop until one day when Tony, the Store Manager Table announced “Hey, everyone, we’re getting in a new counter Table and Chair and they are rumored to be the hottest pair around.” Tad began to tremble and moved closer to Brielle, “Did you hear that”, he said. “We sure don’t need any competition, it’s hard enough being most popular of our group with our old timers…who needs someone new and exciting. We have to figure out a way to get them out of here, like seeing if they have a police record or maybe publish some unflattering photos, maybe say they are counterfeit copies of my cousins….”

“Wait a minute, Tad”, Brielle interrupted him, “remember when we were kids in Sunday School, and we learned; Be mean and it will backfire, be nice and you will be rewarded…”

“Do you really believe that?” “Nothing to lose by trying it…” Brielle said.

In Tad’s welcoming speech, he told the new pair how much fun it was to welcome people especially when they’re winners!

The very next day, the shop owner called a meeting of the entire shop.

“I would like everyone to know that beginning today, I am appointing Tad, Head Table Manager, not only because he is so good looking but because he is so nice.”

Brielle moved a little closer to Tad and whispered, “I told you so.”

Claudius Dining and Side Chairs


As a young man, Claudius Table became obsessed with the meaning of his name. He knew the Roman derivation meant “lame.” But that certainly didn’t apply to him, because he was sturdy and strong and had even heard people exclaim about how beautiful he was. So, he thought, maybe he had been named after King Claudius from Hamlet. However, that Claudius had murdered his brother to marry his sister-in-law and become King of Denmark — definitely nothing to be proud of there. So Claudius Table decided to begin psychotherapy. After years of weekly meetings with his therapist, he had an epiphany upon learning that there were chairs that had been specifically designed to sit next to him and were named – yes, you guessed it — Claudius Chairs. From that moment on, Claudius Table never again thought about his name but simply enjoyed being someone who brought a lot to the table while hanging around with his namesake chairs.

Banquo Table and Chairs


With a famous relative named Macbeth, Banquo Table and his four young Banquo chair sons, were convinced that good luck was not to be part of their lives. After all, how many mothers run off with their lovers leaving four young chairs to be raised by their dad?  It could only be the curse of the Macbeth family; tragedy was their lot. One night, Banquo Table had a strange dream in which he saw three witches, arms around each other, long sheer black dresses swaying in the breeze, singing in unison, “Double, double, toil and trouble, we simply can’t stop blowing bubbles…” (this being some 2014 dreamlike version of the original Shakespeare). Banquo Table actually saw the witches laughing and blowing bubbles into the air. Suddenly, he had an insight: this was a sign that the Banquo Family’s luck was changing. Instead of plotting murder, these dreamy witches were a sign that life would be fun from now on! And sure enough, life for the Banquos has been a blast ever since that dream, more than six months ago. Now, if you look up at the sky (particularly at the witching hour), you may be lucky enough to see one of the magical Banquo Family bubbles floating by.

Astrid Oval & Dax


Astrid is very social; she loves entertaining and insists on living only in the dining room where she can be the center of attention. But there was a problem, Astrid couldn’t keep any of the chairs selected to sit around her – they all felt she was too full of herself.   After a few weeks they would sneak out of the room whenever Astrid would take a nap. Then one day, Dax appeared wearing a soft fabric suit over foam. Astrid could feel her heart begin to beat and knew immediately what it was about Dax that made her so excited! It was his color that exuded his strong masculine energy. Astrid asked Dax what she could do to have him stay with her forever. Dax told her she had to let him share the spotlight. Astrid was quiet for just a moment and then she said “Of course, you’re the one I want to spend my life with!” and they have been together ever since.

The Macbeth Family


Even though named after a famous tragic play, the Macbeth Family always had fun. Every month they had a Macbeth Family meeting where they gave reports of the best compliments and wittiest comments they heard. This last Sunday Macbeth Dining Table said, “The best compliment I heard this week was, ‘I love you.’” Then Macbeth Side Chair said, “The funniest insult I heard this week was, ‘I never forget a face, but in your case I’ll make an exception.’”   Macbeth Bench said, “listen to this one; last night a lady said to her dinner partner, ‘If you were my husband, I’d put poison in your tea.’ And he said, ‘If I were your husband, I’d drink it.’” With that they called it a night and said, “Have fun, see you next month!”

Shyam and WeylynBLK, GRN, ORG, PUR, and WHT


When the Weylyn sextuplets  were born they were all given the same name but with the color added since their parents wanted each to have his own individual identity.  They were known as WeylynBLK, WeylynGRN, WeylynORG, WeylynPUR, WeylynRED, and Weylyn Wht., and indeed each became “his own man”.  They were different colors, but all true to the meaning of their name, which is son of the wolf,  and genetically programed with a need for adventure.  They wanted to see the world and being from the Midwest, they craved an extreme change, something exotic, something far away.  And what could be more exotic than India!

Needless to say, it was a very long flight and finally checking in at the hotel the brothers couldn’t wait to get up to their room.  When they entered the room, the first thing they saw was a beautiful sofa who smiled and said “Welcome, Weylyns, my name is Shyam and I would like to get up to greet you, but as you see, I can’t; you’ll have to come to me so we can visit and become friends.  They happily  did, became friends, and lived happily ever after!

Lafau Sofa Bed and Cabrio Tables


Lafau was very happy to be born a sofa where he would be spending his life in the living room; since the living room is the place where people share stories of who they are.  Lafau enjoyed helping people sit back and relax, which is why he always wore soft cozy upholstery and enjoyed turning himself into a bed whenever his guests wanted it.  His constant companions, the Cabrio occasional tables, are proud of being what they call the “new breed” of table with transparent legs that, even though now there are others, the Cabrio family are still proud that they were the first.

So Lafau and Cabrio, always waiting to greet you whenever you enter the living room. 

Celia Clothing and Coat Rack

Celia Coat Rack_Lifestyle

When Celia was just a little girl she knew that “coat” rack was the wrong name for her and her five sisters. What if it is hot, she thought, would we have to wear a coat? And that’s how she got into politics. Just because they were girls, should not mean they had no say about what people called them. She had no trouble raising her campaign funds and no problem with lots of speaking engagements where, with her charisma she was able to convince the world that Celia and her sisters would from now on be allowed to call themselves Celia Coat and Clothing Rack. No discrimination allowed here.