Everybody wants a perfect office

Collette Desk + Napoleon High Back Office Chair

An office chair named Napoleon! A desk named Collette and a cabinet named after Cabriolet. So there you have it. Napoleon is strong, soon to be crowned Emperor of all Office Chairs! While married to Joséphine, he had an affaire with the well-known courtesan, Collette…who is remembered by her quote: what a delight it is to make friends with someone you have despised!

So…the perfect home office: a chair who is an Emperor, clever enough that while married to beautiful Joséphine, was able to carry on an affair with the infamous Collette, while keeping his fortune in his Cabrio.

Everyone wants a perfect home office where they can be with famous people all day.

Who doesn’t?

Euro Style celebrates its one-millionth Bungie Chair sold!

Bungie Flat Detail

Eurø Style has just recorded its one millionth patented Bungie Chair sold. Since 1998 when Eurø Style began importing and distributing the Bungie Collection, they have been among Eurø Style’s best-selling products. Eurø Style Bungies are patented (beware of counterfeits) and have strong bungee cord loops that fit body contours for a self-adjusting customized fit. Bungies come in high back, mid back and low back models, tilt, swivel and have gas lifts.

Come in and say hello to our Bungie stars.

Bungie Flat High Back Office Chair

Igloo – House or Chair?

Igloo Side ChairsWhat a difficult question…

The dictionary defines the word Igloo as a word meaning a snow house, originally built by the indigenous people native to the Arctic regions of North America – the Inuits. But there is also a beautiful chair named Igloo – transparent smooth polycarbonate, recyclable, indoor/outdoor, stacking and strong. Now, which would you rather have; a house made of snow or the Igloo Chair – a difficult decision or… maybe not.

Igloo chairs stack, and are available with or without arms.

Igloo Arm Chairs

A Perfect Table

Duo Dining Table Rooney Side ChairI will be forever grateful to my first husband for insisting on a honeymoon in Italy – because there is where I learned about the “tavola sacro” and the difference between eating and dining.

In Italy, food took on a new meaning, one that is synonymous with life (if you don’t eat – you die)!  Dining in Italy means the best, freshest ingredients, prepared carefully and thoughtfully, shared with others and most importantly served at a beautiful and perfect dining table, the “tavola sacro”, a sacred dining table.

Shown are Duo Rectangular Table and Rooney High Back Side Chair

Trending Now, Get This Look


Visually weightless, these elements are decidedly modern while also complementing more ornate and even traditional pieces, creating a distinctively urban aesthetic. Polycarbonate seating and bent glass tables provide crisp clean lines and their versatility make it a great material to work with. This is an especially important feature in urban apartments, busy public spaces and even cubicles. Used in a small cramped space, these clear pieces will give the space the illusion of being larger than it is. Visit our site http://www.gotoeurostyle.com/ to see more tables and chairs.

Tables shown: Galena Console Table and Ginny Coffee Table. Gianna Nesting Tables also available.

Also displayed: Leonardo Sofa, Oliana Swivel Chair and Saul 4×2 Shelving Unit


2012 Color of the Year – PANTONE’S Tangerine Tango

“Sophisticated but at the same time dramatic and seductive, Tangerine Tango is an orange with a lot of depth to it,” said Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of the Pantone Color Institute®. “Reminiscent of the radiant shadings of a sunset, Tangerine Tango marries the vivaciousness and adrenaline rush of red with the friendliness and warmth of yellow, to form a high-visibility, magnetic hue that emanates heat and energy.” (click here for more on this article)

Since Spring has kicked off this month, we are sure to see bright oranges in men’s and women’s fashion throughout the season, as well as in cosmetics and interior spaces.

Euro Style has incorporated this trend in this year’s 2012 catalog of products to inject some energy and vivaciousness into our collection. The Isabella Chair, Sally Stool, Lalla Lamp, and many more products come in this fresh hue.

To pick up the energy in any room, sometimes all you need is a splash of this unexpected color.

From left to right: Lilly-B Bar Chair, Sally Stool, Lalla Lamp, Radinka Table, Julia Side Table, Isabella-B Bar Chair, Isabella Side Chair, Bloom Arm Chair, Lilly Side Chair, Orbit Arm Chair, Venezia Side Chair, Holly Side Chair